Notice of Privacy Practices

Notice of Privacy Practices

Your Rights

  • Right to inspect and copy
    • Health and billing records (Electronic or Paper)
    • All records will be copied within 10 days of requests
    • Modest fee for coping, processing
  • Right to update information
    • If your health information is incorrect or incomplete
    • For information we maintain
  • Right to know how we share your information
    • For reasons other than:
      • Treatment
      • Payment
      • Healthcare operations
      • Per your written authorization
  • Right to confidentiality and restricted information
    • How we contact you (office, home, cell, or email)
    • Restrictions on the health information we use and how we use it (For treatment, payment, or healthcare operations)
    • What we share with others (family, friends, etc.)

Your Choices

  • You decide
    • What we share
    • How we share your information
    • With whom we share your information
  • Only with your written permission will we share your information for:
    • Marketing purposes
    • Sale of your information
    • Medical Research

Our Uses and Disclosures

  • To share with other doctors and professionals
  • To manage your treatment and services
  • To bill your insurance carrier
  • For disease prevention and research
  • If required by state or federal laws
  • In case of death
  • For worker’s comp, law enforcement, health oversite, special government functions

Our Responsibilities

  • To maintain privacy and security of your information
  • To let you know promptly if any breach has occurred that may have compromised your information
  • To follow the duties and privacy practices described in this notice and give you a copy of it
  • To share your information only as described herein, unless you tell us otherwise in writing

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