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Rural Health Medical Program, Inc.(RHMP) was established in October 1977 to provide comprehensive, quality, primary and preventive health care services. As the name implies, RHMP began in the rural environment and has grown to serve patients from both urban and rural areas. The quality and value of our services attract patients from all economic groups. We have patient centers in Selma, Uniontown, Marion, Camden, and Pine Apple, AL. Our services include primary adult health care, pediatrics, podiatry, women’s health, diagnostics, dental, behavioral health, affordable health care enrollment, patient education, and wellness. We serve patients with Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, and we offer discounts to those with no insurance. All patients face substantial clinical and environmental challenges. Rates for diabetes, hypertension, strokes, and cancer continue to rise. Airborne viruses and environmental pollutants know no geographic boundaries. The cost of healthcare continues to rise. Because of these challenges RHMP is committed to providing high quality, high value, and affordable services.

Our Vision

The Rural Health Medical Program vision is to be “The Provider of Choice & Value”. To realize this vision we must work diligently to continuously improve the value of the services we provide. Value can be measured and is based on high quality and reasonable prices. We are committed to providing each patient a total quality experience as we provide high-value, patient-centered services. Through the continuous development of human resources; effective use of technology; process simplification; research and innovation; and strategic partnerships we are able to maintain reasonable prices. We are working diligently to be "The Provider of Choice & Value".

Our Values

Our values reflect the things we deem necessary for success, the things that we want in our culture, and the things for which we want to be known:

  • Total quality experience for our patients
  • Care and respect for our patients, regardless of their cultural, economic, or social background
  • Care and respect for all employees
  • Honesty and Fairness to all
  • Strong work ethics
  • Protection of the organization’s greatest assets,employees
  • Concern for the whole system, not just isolated areas of responsibility
  • Development of individuals and the entire organization
  • Positive thinking, positive behavior, positive results in all we do
  • Innovative, forward thinking and planning

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